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Our TM Licensing Program Available to Early Childhood Centers and Entrepreneurs


Licensing is the process by which a registered StoryTime By Design, Inc. Edu-Actor (teacher) or the employing organization becomes authorized to operate an independent STBD, Inc. program, or an STBD, Inc. class can become part of a franchise/center. A license allows the usage of the STBD, Inc. TM pending logo, our award-winning music, our newsletter and our curriculum in classes with parents and children.

STBD, Inc. offers licenses of our “StoryTime Jam” mommy and me classes to individuals and organizations who wish to bring the program into their community. The licensing program allows STBD, Inc. to establish and maintain its standards of quality and can support the creative individuality and growth of each licensed program. Licensing enables STBD, Inc. to oversee the following:

  1. Our comprehensive initial teacher certification, as well as workshops offered via skype, and materials offered for further growth and study;

  2. The use of standardized materials in all STBD, Inc. classes;

  3. Licensees’ adherence to the trademark use and program guidelines detailed in the STBD, Inc. Employee handbook and manual which is given to new licensees and periodically updated;

  4. A STBD,Inc. network of interaction and communication which supports educational business growth of teachers and programs.


Obtaining a License for a Proposed STBD Inc. Program is affordable and easy:

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit or if you are a Early Childhood Center or franchise and would like to add STBD Inc. classes to your programming, STBD, Inc offers the option to open an independent licensed StoryTime Jam Mommy and Me Classes center.

  1. *Submit license application: The first step is to fill out our license application, sign our non disclosure/non-compete form and submit an application fee to be processed.

  2. *Submit Edu-Actor application: The second step is to submit an application for all perspective STBD Inc.”StoryTime Jam”  Edu-Actors (teachers) and commit to our training fee: (Note that participation in the training does not guarantee that a license will be granted.) STBD Inc. recommends that a center train at least three employee’s. Training maintains quality control and certification is a one time commitment.  The following additional requirements apply:

  3. The principal Edu-Actor candidates scheduled to teach each “StoryTime Jam” Mommy and Me Classes  class must be a certified “StoryTime Jam” Mommy and Me Classes Edu-Actor. This means the Edu-Actor has passed the training and either plans to start his/her own licensed center or is scheduled to teach at a licensed center.) Training is done through our training DVD and 5 live skype sessions with an STBD Inc. Master Edu-Actor.

  4. *The specific class location must be approved by StoryTime Jam Mommy and Me Classes

Once you are approved and commit financially to running our program, we will send you an employee handbook, rehearsal track which includes our original music, a Training DVD, and a Manual of 15 StoryTime By Design TM musical story hours.

Approval of licensing applications is normally quite prompt and usually takes no longer than four to six weeks.

The use of a StoryTime Jam Mommy and Me Class license is for one year with several annual renewal options.


* StoryTime By Design, Inc. is New York City's premiere story hour experience. Fresh, exciting, and nominated for a Nickelodeon Parents Pick Award, our story hour program promotes literacy through original music, dramatic play, structure, interactive philosophy, and education. As the leaders in creative storytelling, we are experts in the highest level of executing the story hours and are leaders in selecting what types of books engage children and make good story hours.  We have spent five years performing and perfecting all of our story hours-- they are kid tested, and family approved.

* While class structure is always the same, each week children experience a unique reading adventure because different kid-tested, educational community approved themes and books are used each week. No week is the same and no other story hour program like STBD, Inc. currently exists- and qualified centers and entrepreneurs are getting the first opportunity to become a leader in changing the face of “StoryTime” nationwide.

* STBD., Inc. has created a unique way to package and market literacy to the masses.  Licensing allows an affordable opportunity for Centers/Entrepreneurs to launch an already established literacy program to use as a marketing/PR campaign to draw in new families. With low start-up and training costs, perspective Centers/entrepreneurs have an opportunity to reap both long and short-term benefits of establishing a unique literacy based program.

* Advised by highly accredited educational experts and pediatricians, our curriculum incorporates educational activities that help develop fine motor skills, color and letter recognition, counting, and socialization, through the stories of each book.

* By using visual aids, original upbeat music, and various teaching components, children will experience the joy of storytelling, and take home unique language, speech, and pre-reading comprehension skills.  Puppetry, dramatic play, music, and art are also a part of the Storytime By Design, Inc. experience.

* In addition, valuable socialization skills necessary for ongoing school success are also stressed.

* Author visits and special readings can also be part of this innovative experience. STBD Inc. currently has a Children’s Authors Program in place and can advise perspective Centers/entrepreneurs on how to incorporate this program into each facility.

* Structured story hours that have been themed and broken down to specific age groups/per semester.

* Access to STBD, Inc. recognized logo on your website.

* Access to Special STBD, Inc. Holiday Events to attract your clientele.

* Access to books that can help build your facility library based on recommended books from our curriculum.

* Access to STBD, Inc.  on special events including seasonal camps, baby sitting, and author readings.

* Access to “Literacy Campaigns" that STBD, Inc. participates in (i.e. JumpStart Read for The Record.)

* STBD Inc. Newsletter. Our popular newsletter can be sent to your mailing list, an excellent marketing tool for your facility.

* Enjoy special  discounts on original STBD Inc. merchandise including: our debut album “It’s a StoryTime Jam, Volume 1” (Winner of Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product ), our licensed puppet characters, and an upcoming line of concept and picture books, all of which can be sold at your facility.

* For more information, contact

“Mommy and Me”

“StoryTime Jam” Classes

available for TM Licensing:



Chapter One (6 months- 2 years)

“1-2-3, clap, shhh, it’s time to read.” Nominated for a Nickelodeon Parents Pick award, this is the class that parents are recognizing as the most creative class and story hour Nationwide. We invite children into the home of the musical magical story hour where they will “Rock the Book” and experience an energetic, educational, story jammin adventure. Our triple threat performing instructors (edu-actors) introduce the “Theme of the day” while children and moms/caregivers are invited to participate and learn valuable techniques that encourage children to focus. Concept books and simple picture books are read in this age group and we will expose your children to authors that will become best friends to them. Visual aides such as puppets and toys, as well as musical instruments and board books help develop the children's imagination and motor skills. Parachute, dance and bubbles complete the experience. This StoryTime also provides a venue where adults and kids can make life changing friendships.  Share StoryTime with us and you will never look at a book the same way again!

Chapter Two (2-3.5 years) 

Nominated for a Nickelodeon Parents Pick award, this is the class that Parents are recognizing as the most creative class and story hour Nationwide. The “Storytime By Design” experience continues – Your child will be mesmerized by our catalog of classic and current stories-- and adults will be amazed by the growth of your child’s attention span! While the performers introduce colors, numbers, opposites, and the excitement of counting and reciting the alphabet,--bubble wrap, dramatic play, puppetry, and original funky music complete the experience.  Your child will not want to leave our magic library. And once in the home of the magical and musical story hour, adults won’t want to leave either!

Chapter Three (3-5 years)

While your child continues to be exposed to amazing books, this wonderful class puts the focus on your child as the storyteller.  Children use their imaginations and share their stories with friends they have made in our Magic Library. Through dramatic play and song, children are exposed to thinking games and are asked to complete fun tasks by following directions. Funky instrumentation and visual aids add to your child’s story sharing experience. 

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